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You probably have many questions concerning your stay abroad. Here is a summary of the most common questions that we have answered.

During your stay abroad you will gain important work experience in a foreign country whilst improving your language skills. It will also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into a new culture and to make new friends, also benefiting you on a personal level. It will definitely be an experience you will never forget. For more reasons visit Our Programme.

The prices vary depending on the programme and the destination. The total costs also depend on whether for example you would like to book an accommodation with us. A clear overview can be found with our price calculator.

Once you have decided the programme and country, all you need to do is fill out our online registration form. Whilst filling out the form we need to know what you would like to do, where you would like to go and for how long. During the whole time you will have a personal PractiGo-advisor. For further details about how to apply you will find here: booking procedure

Normally it takes between 8 to 12 weeks to organise an internship. This depends on various things, such as the country and the area in which the internship is to take place. In certain cases, we can organise internships within a short period of time.

You can choose the duration of your internship as well as the start date. In most cases the internships take place from 6 weeks up to a year. In some countries there are restrictions due to the visa.

The internship work hours are normally between 6 to 8 hours per day. If you would like a part-time internship, you can specify this in your application. Normally the interns are not entitled to holiday, however you can directly reach an agreement with your manager.

We can organize internships in various industries. Each internship is tailor-made and in accordance with your individual wishes, this means you choose when and where you would like to do the internship. In case you are still not sure in what industry you would like to work in, here are a few examples.

To be able to take part in our programmes you will need to be 18 years old at the time of your departure. In some countries it is also possible to participate at the age of 17. You should also have a good knowledge of the native language. You can learn the language or refresh your knowledge with a preparatory course. Professional and/or practical experience is not compulsory in most cases, although some experience in the area of work is an advantage. A visa is only required for some countries. You can find more information about our requirements on the respective programmes.

If you already have a good grasp of the local language (B1/B2), it is not mandatory to do a language course. However in some countries it is part of the programme to take a language course before starting the internship. We recommend doing a language course before starting the programme so that you have time to settle in and prepare yourself for your internship, work and travel programme or hotel work. It also gives you the chance to get to know new people and to take part in fun activities.

In case you are not sure what language level you have, we recommend that you use the following website:

If you are doing a language course prior to your programme, you will take an assessment test and will be enrolled in to the proper course. In many cases a telephone or Skype interview will take place before with your coordinator, who can also assess your language skills.

No, a language certificate is not required.

We only need your CV and your motivation letter in the native language. Of course you can count on our help in creating the documents.

We would happily organise an accommodation for you. Depending on the country and the city, you have the choice between a host family, an international shared flat or a student residence. In a host family you get to experience their everyday lifestyle as well as getting to know the culture and the language first hand. Whilst in a shared apartment or in a student residence you have the chance of meeting new people from all over the world and being completely independent.

There is no average age. Most flat mates are aged between 18 and 28 years old. We also have participants aged 30+.

In case there are any problems with your accommodation, we will try and help you solve these. If there is no other solution, we will help you find a new accommodation.

Of course! You become all of the information about your host family prior to leaving.

We understand how important it is to exchange information with other participants. Please contact us and we will try to help you in your search, or have a look at our testimonials from former participants, to learn how your adventure abroad could be.

When preparing for your stay abroad you should consider having a clear overview of the important things you need. So you do not lose track, we have put together a page with all the important tips and information you need for your trip.

You can book your plane ticket easily through our homepage. After you have given in your travel details you will receive an email with a nonbinding offer. You can then choose whether to book your flight ticket through our collaborator or somewhere else.

For your programme abroad you need to have health, accident and liability insurance. We also recommend that all our participants have travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance. All the insurances can be booked through PractiGo. For more details: Insurance

Yes, of course! When we arrange a programme abroad for you and, if required, organise accommodation and a language course, you are always on the safe side. Since we have our main registered office in Germany it goes without saying that we meet the strict guidelines of the German Travel Law. This provides amongst other things an insurance against insolvency which ensures that you will receive your money back.

PractiGo is a member of several quality associations, therefore fulfilling the important standards in the organisation of trips abroad. All programmes are regularly selected by our international team according to strict quality and safety standards. The educational institutions with which we cooperate are subject to regular checks. We guarantee academically trained teaching staff, modern didactic concepts, pleasant premises and advisory service on-site. Through our services we ensure a high degree of professionalism.

Of course! We strive to ensure the best possible support from the day of the participants’ application onwards. In all of the locations where we offer programmes there will always be a contact person who will quickly help you to deal with any problem that may occur. This service is included in the price and can be called on during the entire time of the stay, regardless of how long this may be. In addition we have established a 24 hour emergency phone-line and can be reached around the clock in case of emergency.


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