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Boost your future career chances whilst learning a new language, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture!

With more than ten years of experience and contacts all over the world, we are here to create the perfect programme for you!

Internships Abroad

Internships are the figurehead of PractiGo. The placements abroad are characterised by being tailor-made and in accordance with your individual wishes.

Work and Travel

The Work and Travel programme is addressed to those who would like to increase their travel funds with a job abroad.

Hotel Work

This is the second option to earn money abroad. If you are interested in working in a hotel or if you study tourism, we will be happy to organise a job for you as an assistant in a hotel.

Language courses

PractiGo Language Courses offer you the possibility to fully concentrate on learning a foreign language.

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Online Enrolment



This section serves to engage the services of PractiGo once decided that the program you want to make, when completing the form you accept the terms and therefore be buying a program.




Internship in Spain
Erfahrungsbericht Manchester
Erfahrungsbericht England