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"At PractiGo we believe in the concept 'learning by doing' or, in other words, learning through first-hand experience."

About us

PractiGo is a dynamic and devoted company with the aim to offer you the perfect experience abroad. Our journey started in 2001 when we provided our first inexpensive internships abroad. Ten years later we had organised almost 10.000 internships!

Today we are able to offer several different programmes, all based on the same idea: Gaining new experience and improving language skills, while learning for life. At PractiGo we believe in the concept 'learning by doing' or, in other words, learning through first-hand experience.This concept has inspired us in the development of all of our programmes. Our hope is that every participant, after finishing his or her programme, will be able to say that they have learned something new that will help them through future challenges and realise their aims.

With many years of experience behind us, we can proudly offer personal and professional advice to all our customers. All of the consultants in our international team have spent long periods abroad and learnt a new language, giving them invaluable first-hand experience. 




Let PractiGo organise everything for you

Going abroad with PractiGo means so much more than only letting us customize a programme for you. It also means that we will assist you during the whole duration of the programme. And why not let PractiGo organise your complete stay including flights, accommodation, airport pick-up and our tailor-made insurance packages?


Your own personal adviser and expert

When you contact PractiGo you will immediately be assigned a personal adviser who’s an expert in the field and will help you out from the start and throughout the whole programme. As we have an extensive network of partner schools and companies all over the world we are in the perfect position to offer what you need!

Certified high quality programmes

PractiGo offers a certified high qualityat affordable prices. We offer you detailed advice with the registration, visa, financial help, as well as on-site support through our partner organisations during your whole stay abroad. All participants in our internship programme may receive a certificate upon completion.


We visited some of our participants to let them tell us about their experience abroad. Please have a look at their testimonials here.

PractiGo Team

As a team we all share a love for travel and getting to know new countries and cultures. Each of us has spent time living abroad and can therefore impart invaluable experience. We look forward to passing on our enthusiasm and helping you to satisfy your wanderlust!

James Johnston

I am from England and originally studied music and sound engineering. After studying I travelled around Europe for several years until I landed, in the truest sense of the word, in Bremen (where I first worked in tourism and air traffic). Since 2007 I've been responsible for the English-speaking programmes at PractiGo. I am your expert when it comes to internships in England, Ireland and Scotland.

Florencia Caelles

My mother tongue is Spanish. I was born in Córdoba in Argentina where I studied architecture and worked as a Spanish teacher. I have been living in Germany since 2001 and have been working at PractiGo from day one. I am your contact person for internships or language courses in Latin America!

Oliver Schneider

During my studies, I spent time in London, Madrid and Argentina. Hence my wish to make it possible for young people to have such an exciting experience abroad. Learning a language and gaining an insight into foreign companies were my key reasons to do an internship abroad! As Managing Director I am responsible for advertising, public relations and academic contacts.

Christine Wenig

After my graduation, I completed a language course and an internship in Spain and in New Zealand. During my studies, I spent some months in Argentina and in Costa Rica. I know how exciting it is going abroad and the feeling you get at the end of your stay, when you just don’t want to leave. When I finished with all my travelling, I began working for PractiGo in Spain for a year and now I am back in Germany. If you have any questions regarding Australia, New Zealand, Malta or Japan, I will happily answer those.

Sofía Cremades

I come from Spain and I studied web and graphic design. I have been with PractiGo since 2011 and I work in the IT department at our office in Alicante, my hometown. I am, among others, responsible for the development and design of our Homepage. My favourite travel destination is Italy.

Jimena Caelles

I come from Argentina and have been at PractiGo from the beginning. After my degree in Economics in Cordoba (Argentina), I lived in Madrid for a while. I have now been living in Germany since 2001. As a native Spanish speaker, I can give you valuable tips for our programmes in Argentina and Spain. I am also responsible for the financing at PractiGo.

Santiago Caelles

I was born and raised in Argentina before I moved with my family to Spain. Currently I am also studying business administration. I love to travel and get know new cultures. Whilst visiting Bremen I had the opportunity to learn German. I have been working for PractiGo since 2009 where I get to use the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my studies to organise internships for Spanish students.

Gema Torres

During my school years in Spain I found that I very much like languages. Therefore I enrolled at the University of Madrid for German philology. In the summer I travelled then regularly to Germany to improve my language skills. After graduation I lived for a few years in both Bonn and Berlin. The combination of language and experience abroad opened the door for me to be able to work at PractiGo in Spain.

Tobias Kling

Before I came up with the idea of organising internships and language courses, I initially studied Trade Management. During my studies I completed internships in London, Madrid and Argentina. I know therefore from my own experience how difficult it can be to find an internship in a foreign country.