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Our Program

PractiGo’s programmes reflect our aim to connect you with languages in a lively way. Immersing yourself in another culture will broaden your horizon enormously. Moreover, today’s employment market increasingly requires good language skills and international experience. Whether an internship abroad, working in a foreign country, language trip or a combination of these, the intercultural experience is central to all of PractiGo’s programmes. 

Our programmes offer you the unique opportunity to: 

  • improve your language skills.
  • widen your views and gain new cultural insights.
  • grow as a person and improve your communication skills, independence and flexibility in life.
  • gain valuable work experience.
  • get to know people from all over the world.
  • create memories for a lifetime!



The internship programme is the figurehead of PractiGo and we can offer internships in almost all fields of work. The placements abroad are characterized by being tailor-made and in accordance with your individual wishes. If you want to take a first step towards your future dream job, this is the programme for you! Read more

We can also offer a similar internship programme for youths from age 17. You might not really know what you want to do in the future but still see the value of getting your first work experience abroad. We can offer you positions in several countries! Read more

Hotel work is the second most common way to earn money abroad, and a good way to start a career in tourism or hospitality. At PractiGo, we help you to find temporary work in one of our partner hotels. Our programme will also give you time to travel and get to know the country and its people better. Read more

As a part of the other programmes offered, or as a unique programme, we offer a large variety of language courses for participants of all ages in over 70 destinations worldwide. In addition to your language course, we are also glad to organise accommodation for you in a host family, a shared flat or a student residence! Read more

All these qualities are highly valued by company managers and HR-professionals nowadays, and might even be the ticket to your dream job! Further down on this page you can read more about what the experts have to say about this.

Expert opinions

Siegfried Lettmann Managing Director Cs-Strategies in Salzburg

Are you ready to take the next step to go abroad? An experience abroad will benefit you in many ways, career wise and personally. Working in a professional environment abroad, such as an internship, will help you immerse into new cultures, gain professional experience and strengthen your language skills. more >>

Dr. Carsten Feldmann Director- Manufacturing Coordination Worldwide Bosch Security Systems GmbH

Take the opportunity to go abroad! This opportunity doesn’t always come along, and when it does, I recommended taking it. An internship or working in another country is a good way of preparing for your future work life. more >>

Annabelle Franco International Sales & General Manager

There are many reasons to go abroad. Of course, the internship may mean a boost in your career. You hear and read about it everywhere. If you want to better your chances in getting the career that you want, then go abroad and gain international work experience.... more >>

Daniel Harder Managing Director Med X GmbH

I can still remember my first job after graduating law school. I had already completed one year law school in Latin America, some internships and had lived in Madrid as well. I was working part-time and dreamed of my job in a multinational company as a trainee or as an assistant manager... more >>

Timo Grünewälder Chairman of the Board at Trescal

“The most dangerous of all ideologies is believing people who have not yet seen the world” Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). This quote can be interpreted very differently today than it would have been many years ago... more >>

Marco Molitor Board member of the DBH Logistics IT AG

Doing an internship before, during or after your studies or apprenticeship should be recommended to everyone. Doing an internship in a gap year or a few months could be especially useful. Gaining experience in an international work environment... more >>