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Hotel Work in Spain

Would you like to work in Spain's most beautiful cities and regions? We can make this possible through our Hotel Work programme, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the hotel business and improve your Spanish at the same time.

We have excellent contacts with hotels all over the country, e.g. in Barcelona, Mallorca and Granada, where we can organise a placement for you.

The hotel provides you with accommodation during your whole stay. You can name a place of preference and we will then try to find you a suitable position in a hotel.


Minimum age: 18.

Who is it for: Candidates with practical experience in the hotel industry, tourism or gastronomy or students with a connection to tourism (also business studies, geography, etc.)

Start date: All year round, min. 12 to max. 52 weeks.

Language skills: You should have a good grasp of spoken and written Spanish. You can refresh your knowledge in a preparatory language course and meet new people.

Closing date for applications: At least three or four months before your planned departure.

Nationality: Eu citizens, Swiss nationals, others possible upon request.


• Extensive guidance and support prior to departure.

• Work placement in a hotel in Spain

• 24 hour telephone helpline.

• Optional organisation of a language course (additional charge).

• A PractiGo participation certificate.


Possible tasks

Language level


Cleaning and tidying up rooms, check requests of sheets and towels, …A2


Being up-to-date with he culinary offer and of the hotel and bar schedules and cleaning, …B1


Dishes presentation and decoration, receipt of goods, …B1


Plumbing and electricity service, …B1


Hotline support, software applications, organization of groups, …B2

Business center

Preparing welcome packages, writing letters, …B2


Dealing with customers, making outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls, customer loyalty, updating website,...C1


Check-in, check-out, customer service, sales, information, …C1

Online booking

Here you can book your programme abroad just as you wish, quickly and easily.