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Travel information

Our travel guide will help you out with everything you need to know before you leave for your new and exciting adventure abroad.

When it comes to scholarships it depends on your nationality, the country you are going to, if you are a student and where you study. Please contact your university or other institutions specialized in this for further information.

Visa: Find out ahead of time if you need a visa.Contact us for more information.

Driving license: Anyone who holds a European driver’s license will be able to drive in the EU countries. If you wish to drive in other countries outside the EU, you need to have an international driver’s license. You can apply for this at an international driving license office.

Student ID: If you are a student, you should apply for an international student ID. This will give you discounts in many places, for example transport and concert tickets. Here you can find all the information you need about the International Student ID and where you can apply for it:

Before your stay abroad begins it is very important that you check that all your documents are still valid. Your ID card and/or passport must be valid for at least six months after your departure. Also keep in mind that applying for these documents may take several weeks.

This depends on your destination. We advise you to check out this website: as well as going to your family doctor to see if any vaccinations are required.

For your stay abroad you need health, liability and accident insurance. In addition, we recommend that you also have travel cancellation insurance. You can book all of these insurances over our homepage.

We recommend that you consider several ways to be able to access money. This could either be cash, a debit/credit card or a traveler’s check.

We suggest that you always take a bit of cash with you as this can be exchanged in to the currency you need at an exchange office. Cash is also very useful just in case you need to pay for something where debit or credit cards are not accepted. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that you do not carry a lot of cash on you.

With a debit or credit card you can withdraw money from most ATMs worldwide. However, you may be charged commission.

It is important that you think about what you are going to leave behind, such as your room or apartment, your invoices, university affairs, etc. You should have someone from your family or a close friend, who would know where to look just in case you needed something, someone who is also easy to contact and who would take care of your belongings during your absence.

You should also consider the following things depending on your living situation and the duration of your stay abroad:

  • To organise an interim tenant
  • Applying for a semester of leave
  • To pay unpaid invoices
  • Make a forwarding request at the post (e.g. to a family member or friends address)
  • Put your health insurance on hold as soon as your travel medical insurance has been completed
  • Visit your doctor to get the necessary medication before you leave

It is very important to us that your arrival is well organised. This means that you have the option of booking a transfer from the airport when you arrive to your accommodation. You can also book a transfer for when you return back, from the accommodation to the airport.

If you haven’t booked an airport transfer with us, you should inform yourself before your departure on how you are going to get from the airport to your accommodation.

Don’t forget to write down all emergency numbers and directions that you will need for your stay abroad. It would be a good idea to have a contact book on hand in case your phone is not working or has run out of battery. The following contacts are very important:

  • Embassy addresses
  • Telephone numbers and address of the host family/accommodation
  • Emergency contact number from PractiGo and the partner company on site
  • Insurance details and insurance company contact information
  • Number and date of your passport
  • Credit card details + phone number to block cards in case they get lost or stolen

Another good idea would be to scan all important documents and forward them to your email address.

When packing for your stay abroad, we recommend making a list of all the important things you need to take with you. So you do not forget anything, here is a small list of things that we thought to be of importance for everybody travelling abroad:

Hand luggage:

  • Passport and/or ID card
  • Driving license eventually International driving License
  • Visa
  • PractiGo confirmation documents with addresses and telephone numbers
  • Tickets (flight, possibly airport transfer)
  • Insurance details
  • Cash, debit and/or credit card
  • International Student Identity Card
  • Passport photos
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Money belt for travel documents
  • Camera, MP3 player, mobile phone
  • Important medication (pills, etc.)
  • Guides / map and dictionary


  • Copies of important documents
  • Plug adapter
  • Chargers for mobile phones, camera, etc.
  • Small first aid kit (plasters, painkillers, Disinfectants, etc.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Suitable clothing depending on the season and climate


If you require any prescription medicine, please ensure that you have enough medication for your trip. Also take note of the customs regulations of the country you will be visiting.

Host family gift:

As kind gesture you could take family photos to show your host family and new friends how your life is at home. A gift idea for the host family could be a book or a specialty from your home town. If you do decide to bring something from your country, please inform yourself on what you are allowed to take with you and what is not allowed.

Work clothing:

It is important that you not only take casual clothing but clothing that are work appropriate for your internship. Depending on the country and company, there could be a required dress code.

Finally, we advise you to do a bit of research about your destination, its culture, the language, the lifestyle… This can only be to your advantage. With good preparation it will be less stressful for you upon your arrival and help you adjust quicker and easier to you new and exciting surroundings.


We offer an insurance package that gives you all the cover you require



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