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ThePractiGoprogramsreflectour aim toconveyyouLanguagesvividly. Life in other cultures as well as the self-organization abroad enlarge the horizons enormously. Foreign linguistic knowledge and abroad stay is assumed more and more often on the labor market.

About PractiGo

Since 2001 we provide inexpensive internships abroad. With many years of experience behind us, we can offer personal and professional advice to all our customers. Our team consists of many international native speakers who can give you information about different cultures, countries and its people.


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You are highly determine to go to Abroad? PractiGo can offer you a wide range of possibilities to learn new cultures and languages, as well as gaining professional experiences to meliorate your CV. 


We of PractiGo provide work stay (internships, work & travel, volunteer programs and language courses) worldwide. We also have years of experience. Our experts come from the most different countries of the world or have lived in abroad for long time. Hence, they can give valuable tips. 


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