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Booking Procedure

You are interested in an internship abroad? Then you can sign up easily online or download our registration form. We are happy to send you this form by mail or email:

You send us the completed registration form with your data back and wishes for your stay. We then send you a confirmation and an invoice for the enrolment fee per email.

Once the fee is credited to our account, we will send you a booking summary. In addition, we also need resume, photo and cover letter. Note also our tips for application.

Your documents will adapt and direct them to our staff on site. There we go in search of a suitable placement. For the search we need 8-12 weeks. Optionally, we organize and help with course and accommodation.

You get from us the documents and the confirmation of internship and possibly for language course and accommodation. We prepare all other organizational expenses and calculate the contribution. Invoice and confirmation will be sent to you by mail.

We check with you whether you are adequately insured. We recommend our competitive insurance packages that are tailored specifically to our program. Before packing your suitcase you can find here many useful tips, book recommendations and information to withdraw money abroad free of charge.

You’re interested in a Work & Travel programme? You can enrol easily online or download our application form. We can send you the application form if you like. Simply contact us on

You send us your completed application form with the requested dates. We then send you a confirmation of receipt and an invoice for the enrolment fee per email.

Once we receive the enrolment fee on our account we will send you a booking summary. After the programme has been confirmed we will send you the necessary information and tips for your trip along with the invoice for the organisation fee.

We check if you are adequately insured for your trip. We can offer an insurance package for your stay including the required liability, health and accident insurance.

If you require a flight we can put together an offer for you: flight request. That’s all. Now you can start your adventure abroad!


James Johnston




Online booking



Here you can book your programme abroad just as you wish, quickly and easily.