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Internship in Australia

Red deserts, tropical rain forest, white sandy beaches, Turquoise Ocean, koalas and kangaroos. That´s Australian- The Down Under. Here, there is a first-rate adventure waiting for you and discover the unique wildlife of Australia. Immerse yourself in Australia and enjoy your free time alongside the internship in this amazing country. Apart from the metropolitan cities, there are also worth seeing and unique landscapes such as Great Barrier, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Cockatoo national Park.

You´ll quickly feel at home for sure. The people are open-minded and sociable. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience.

At a glance

Cities: You can choose from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Length of internship: Depending on the area from 8 or 12 weeks and up to six months

Start date: Every Monday, all year round.

Accommodation: Host family.

Language courses: The internship may be booked without a language course. PractiGo generally recommends a preparatory two-week language course, in order to become acclimatised.

Specifics: You decide when, where and in which field the internship should be carried out.  You will receive information about your work placement at least two or three weeks before start.


Language skills: You should have a good grasp of written and spoken English. You can learn the language or refresh your knowledge with a preparatory course.

Practical experience: Pre-Knowledge in an occupational field is required in some internship fields.

Minimum age: 18 (up to 30).

Nationality: All applicants must be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa.

Closing date for applications: at least 4 months prior to the starting date the internship.


• Customised internship placements in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

• Extensive guidance and support prior to departure.

• Job application training (Help writing your application).

• On-site support from a PractiGo coordinator.

• Direct contact in the workplace.

• Certificate of internship from the employer upon request.

• 24 hour ermergency phone number.

• PractiGo travel documents with extensive information and helpful tips.

Additional options

• Preparatory language course.

• Accommodation with a family.

• Airport transfers.

• PractiGo Outbound insurance.

Online booking

Here you can book your programme abroad just as you wish, quickly and easily.