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Language courses Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the biggest city on the southern main island called “Kyushu,” the eighth largest city in Japan, and is situated about 1500km southwest of Tokyo. Various parks, green areas and waterways give the city a friendly Mediterranean atmosphere. Nearby beaches and islands also add to this coastal town feel. The city is big enough to offer you all the best of Japan, while small and compact enough to make your stay cheaper, safer and easier than Japan's larger cities.

Transportation within and around the city is very convenient and most attractions can be reached on foot or by bicycle. In addition, its four distinctive seasons and similar climatic conditions to southern Europe make this area a nice place to travel all year round. Fukuoka is modern with loads of shopping, a young, vibrant and fashionable population, as well as a safe, fun and exciting restaurant and bar scene. Fukuoka is also a sporting city and home to one of most exciting baseball stadiums in Japan. In contrast to its modernity, you can glimpse old Japan in Fukuoka's castle walls, shrines and temples. Come have the most unique and exciting experience of your life in Fukuoka!

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The school is a great language school, located in the centre of a great city. The school is easy to find and is easily accessible from all parts of Fukuoka, either by train, bus, subway, bicycle or on foot.


Our students can enjoy the use of spacious classrooms, wireless and desktop Internet access, self-study resources and a comfortable reception area for meeting and making new friends.

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