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Language courses in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a rich and elegant city, with many businesses in the finance area, as Frankfurt is the capital of finance. Skyscrapers everywhere, everything screams richness… it’s America in the middle of Europe. Behind all the glamour you can find the brilliant Skyline of countless theatres, museums, art galleries and nightclubs!

Although Frankfurt has a smaller population than Munich and Berlin, the metropolis on the Main is more internationally visited and known then any other city in Germany. Perhaps it’s due to the 50 million passengers passing each year… 28% being foreigners. In summer, when the streets are filled with groups of people from all over the world and the decorated caravans in the Parade of Cultures, you realise how wonderful and exciting this international city can be.

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The school is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Frankfurt on the River Main and only ten minutes from the Riverside Museum.


The school provides numerous classrooms as well as offering the students to use the kitchen, living room and the modern multimedia room with free computer access and free parking in front of the school.


All teachers are highly qualified and regularly attend internal and external education seminars. 

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