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Online Enrolment

Enroll easily and comfortable for a tailor-made internship in the country of your choice.

Your PractiGo- consultant will get in touch with you and be your contact person for the entire period.

From here it´s a small step up to your internship in Abroad. 

Price Calculator

Can the internship be sponsored with a scholarship? What vaccinations are required? What belongs in my travel luggage? There are a lot of things to consider when organizing an internship in Abroad.  We have summarized the main points for an optimal preparation for you. 

Travel Information

With a checklist you can make sure that nothing has been forgotten.

Travel Insurance

When staying Abroad, it is important that you are adequately insured. You should have the following insurances, if you want to complete an internship…


You can book your flight easily on our homepage. State in your flight details in our form and it will suggest you cheap flight offers. 

Internships Examples

The internships below are examples and should introduce you to your possible tasks and how it may look in your particular field of work. You can choose in which field you would like to work as well as the start date and the duration. On request we can organize you an internship in a field that is not listed below. If you have any questions, please contact us.