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Travel Health Insurance

As you will be abroad for an extended period of time it is extremely important that you have adequate insurance cover. A change of climate, unfamiliar food or an accident can all mean a trip to the doctor. With travel insurance you can you can be treated as a private patient. This is very important as most public health insurance doesn't have sufficient cover.

We recommend that all interns (even within Europe) book this Travel Insurance. It can booked for stays up to a year and offers exceptional value for money.

Liability Insurance

If damages are made they must be paid for. A little lapse of concentration, unfortunate circumstances and the damage may already be in the millions.

Accident Insurance

An accident insurance provides financial assistance for disability caused by an accident. The statutory provision is not adequate. With this insurance you are covered anywhere in the World anytime.

Give us a call. We can help you to find the correct insurance.

You can reach us under the following number: +49(0) 421 40 89 77-0

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Cancelation insurance

The insurance covers your expenses in case of travel cancellation if:


•In case of accident or illness

•Secondary effects of vaccination or complications with childbirth

•Loss of employment

This is valid for the person insured and his direct family; husband, children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or people that bought the travel and the policy together as well as their direct family.

•Army incorporation

•Return because of serious accident in home (fire, inundation, burglary)

Insurance Cover

In order to complete an internship abroad you require sufficient insurance cover. PractiGo offer an insurance package that is recognised and accepted by all internships placements and partner companies abroad.

You may already be insured through your family. Please check with your parents to see if the insurance is adequate.

The PractiGo Outbound Insurance can be booked as one of three different packages and includes the following services:

•Health Insurance

€ 14.56 a week.

•Public Liability, Accident and Baggage Insurance

€ 8.47 a week.

Both insurance packages can be booked together for merely € 18.97 a week.

Each insurance can be booked weekly and can be tailored to your stay.

Travel Insurance

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