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語学留学 ローマ

歴史の町ローマ。コロッセオや凱旋門など、古代ローマ帝国の遺跡が数多く残り、観光スポットそしてグルメなど見どころが沢山あります。。「ローマは、一日にして成らず」「すべての道はローマに通ず」……これら数々の格言は、かつての栄光の面影です。 カトリックの総本山として世界に君臨するヴァティカン市国、スペイン階段、テヴェレ川など見飽きることは決してない街です。

This language course has lessons for grammar and conversation. Also reading, listening and writing are practised. Additional we offer lessons about Italian culture (art, history, literature, cinema,...) Starting dates: once every two weeks.

This cours has 30 hours of intensive studying. You will improve your speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills very quickly and you will learn to communicate in daily situations in Italian. Starting dates: once every two weeks.

You can decide the schedule and content of the program. Within a short period of time, you will begin to learn Italian through an individualized course of study in grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary.
Individual problems and professional interests can be specifically addressed. Flexibility concerning the duration, lessons and topics: general Italian, conversation, grammar, correspondence, translation, etc.