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Work and Travel in Australia

When you arrive in Australia, we’ll have booked the first two nights in a hostel for you. Our partner office is very near to the hostel and specialises in supporting our PractiGo participants. You will receive help acquiring a tax number and a bank account and then you will be able to look for a job in our extensive job portal.

Different seminars are available where you can compare notes with other participants. All of this information will help you to get orientated quickly. In this way you can get started straight away and you will always have a contact (24 hour emergency phoneline included). You can use the services of our partner office during your entire stay. Further extras are: a sim card with $10 of credit to start with, as well as a youth hostel card.


•What it’s about: Working and travelling for up to six months in Australia, financed by different jobs during your stay.

•Start date: Any time.

•Language skills: You should have a good grasp of written and spoken English. You can learn the language or refresh your knowledge with a preparatory course.

•Closing date for applications: Approx. two or three months before leaving.

•Nationality: Please consult us as a working holiday visa is required. In Australia there is the popular “Work and Holiday” visa for European citizens. With this visa you can travel round Australia for a year and take on any job you like. This way you can finance your stay in Australia.

•Insurances: Before starting your program we need proof of your health insurance, personal/public liability insurance and your accident insurance.

The conditions for visa are:

    - You must be 18-30 years old when you apply.

    - EU citizens (depending on visa agreements).

    - No children in your care.

    - Proof of approx. €3500 upon entry.

    - Maximum twelve months stay

    - Visa costs (approx. €280).

    - This visa may be granted once in a lifetime.

Services included

• Two overnight stays in a hostel (inc. breakfast).

• Orientation seminar with the following content:     

    - General introduction.     

    - Living and travelling in Australia.     

    - Places to see and free time activities.     

    - Health care and insurance.     

    - Useful contacts     

    - Help with job applications.

• On-site support from our partner office.

• Mobile sim card with AU$10 credit.

• Post forwarding service within Australia.

• Yearly membership of Youth Hostel Association.

• Free use of our partner's office facilities for work purposes (photocopier, fax, etc.).

• Free internet access for twelve months in our partner office.

• Help job seeking on-site.

• Help opening a bank account.

• Help applying for a tax number.

• Help with any questions/problems from our on-site partner office for twelve months.

Language Course (optional)

You should have a good grasp of spoken and written English. You can refresh your knowledge in a preparatory language course and meet new people.

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Online booking

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