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PractiGo has been organising internships abroad for more than 10 years for youths around the world. In recent year we have supported increasing EU projects such as Erasmus, Leonardo and MobiPro-EU.

As a part of the MobiPro–EU programme to promote occupational mobility, PractiGo supports young people who are showing great effort to improve their education and would like to learn a profession in Germany. The idea of the project is to compensate the lack of young professionals in Germany with the lack of jobs in Spain.

With our experience, we joined the MobiPro-EU project in 2015 with 15 youths from Spain. We supported them throughout the programme and apprenticeships, which were also organised by PractiGo.

After the apprenticeship of two to three years the aim of this project is to compensate the high unemployment in Spain by having fully qualified workers.

Network partners involved in the project "The job of my life":

The Federal Employment Agency

The Central International Placement Services (ZAV)

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The EURES network (European Employment Services)

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

The Chambers of Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts

Here is a link to the project from the Federal Employment Agency website:

AZAV Certificate

The AZAV certificate (Accreditation and Licensing Regulation of Employment) is authorized by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency). German companies that wish to provide further education, educational institutes and their professional development programmes for the Federal Employment Agency require this certificate.

AZAV is ruled under the SGB III (code of law) Law 34 for improving the chances of entering the labour market and regulates the recognition and certification of training providers and training programmes from independent organizations and private employment agencies.