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Student Exchange Year in Germany

During our exchange programme in Germany you will go to a German school and have a unique and unforgettable experience. You can choose how long you want to stay. You could stay two months or even a whole year. This programme takes place in and around the beautiful northern German city of Bremen. Bremen is not far from the North Sea and is also located near to the exciting city of Hamburg. As a city, Bremen is the perfect size. It’s small enough to find your way around easily but large enough that there is always something happening. You will fit in here immediately!

At school you will learn German as well as all the other important main subjects. You will soon make friends in your class and will be able to spend your spare time with them whilst they show you around.

You will stay with a host family and be provided with full board. This will help you to settle into German life quickly and easily. The host family will help you if you have any questions and will help you to feel comfortable during your stay. The host families are carefully selected by us and also checked regularly.

If you want to brush up on your German skills before going to school we can also organise a German language course for you in Bremen before your exchange programme begins.

As our PractiGo office is located in Bremen we are in the perfect position to help you at any time during your stay here. When you arrive we will pick you up in person and bring you to your host family. You will come to our office for meetings and we will accompany you on your first day of school as well as assisting you with any official documents or visits to the authorities. Your parents can be sure that you are in safe hands.

At a glance

Location: Bremen and surrounding area.

Duration:2, 3, 4, 5 or 11 months.

Start dates: The whole year. Except for durations of 5 or 11 months where the programme can start in January/February or August/September.

Closing date for applications: At least 6 months before your requested arrival.


Age: Between 15 and 18 years old.

Language skills: A minimum level of A2 in German is required. If you are not yet at level A2 we can organise a language course for you to bring you up to the required level.

School performance: Any school background. At least a satisfactory performance in the last three school years (equivalent of grade 3 in Germany).

Personal requirements: For this programme you will require a certain level of independence, adaptability and maturity. You will need to be able to cope with a new environment and integrate yourself at school and with your host family.

Nationalities/Visa: If you are an EU citizen you do not require a visa. If you come from a non EU country we will try and be of assistance to you.


• Placement in a school in Bremen or surrounding area.

• Accommodation with a family with full-board.

• Transfer from the airport to the host family.

• Extensive guidance and support prior to departure.

• On-site support through PractiGo, including meetings at our office and taking you to school on your first day.

• 24 hour emergency number.

• PractiGo travel documents with information and helpful tips.

• School report.

Online booking

Here you can book your programme abroad just as you wish, quickly and easily.


Additional options

• Language course in Bremen.

• Return flight.

• PractiGo Outbound Insurance


2 Months
3 Months
4 Months
5 Months
11 Months
3000 €
4000 €
4700 €
5400 €
9400 €

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