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Internship with 17 in Canada

Canada is the perfect country to enjoy amazing views with vast plains, crystal clear lakes and beautiful national parks. With snowy winters and hot dry summers each season has something wonderful to offer.

This programme offers you a ranch-job in the most stunning areas of British Columbia or Alberta. It is ideal for nature and animal lovers who want to experience this unique way of life.


The internship can be at different types of farms. Some are specialised in rearing livestock, whereas other grow crops. The ranches themselves are usually of a smaller size. They are family businesses and often organic farms.

You will help out on the ranch for 6-8 hours a day for 5-6 days a week. In return you will receive free accommodation and food at the farm/ranch.

Through this programme you can gain first hands-on experience how a Canadian ranch is run. At the same time you will get to know a new culture and improve your English skills.

Language course

You decide if you want to participate in a preparatory language course before starting your internship. PractiGo recommends you to do so in order to improve your language skills and at the same time get settled in your new hometown.

In the language school you will not only learn the language but also meet a lot of new people to spend your free time with. You will also be able to participate in out of school activities through your language school and in that way get to know the city and its surroundings better.


During your stay you will live with the family on the ranch. You will have a room for yourself and full-board. Through living with the family you will get to know the local culture and be in constant contact with the English language.


PractiGo offers on-site support during your whole stay abroad. We also offer a certified high quality, as well as detailed advice with the registration process. Additionally we are happy to offer you a tailor-made insurance package.

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